For Kids:

How to Stop Bullying at School | Learn strategies to become someone who stops bullying before it even gets a chance to start.

BAM! Guide to Getting Along | Tips on how to remain calm in bullying situations and resolving conflict before bullying starts.

FBI Safe Online Surfing Internet Challenge | The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation offers a fun, free informational program promoting good cyber citizenship and education for kids about online security — FBI-SOS.

Be Someone’s Hero (video) | About 20% of teens report being bullied, which is tragic but often preventable. You can stand up against bullying — speak up and be a hero by safely stepping in and put a stop to bullying.

For Adults:

Social Media & Cyberbullying | Article about the effects of cyberbullying, and what parents and teens need to know.

Youth and Technology (pdf) | Advice on how to maximize the usefulness of technology while minimizing its risks.

Learn to Talk to Your Children about Mental Health | We all want the best for the kids in our care. You might have concerns or questions about certain behaviors and how to provide the right kind of help.

Protecting Kids Online | Tools to assist grown-ups, parents, and guardians in talking to children about making good, safe and responsible choices.

For Educators:

The Relationship Between Bullying and Suicide (pdf) | Solid, actionable information based on scientific study to help improve a school’s awareness and ability to stop and react appropriately to bullying and suicide-associated behavior.

Campus Bullying Prevention | A helpful guide to deploying a program in your school to prevent and intervene in bullying.

School Climate Improvement Resource Package | Resources for teachers and administrators for improving the educational climate and helping students feel supported, accepted, and safe.

Addressing Anti-Semitism through Education | Specific teaching aids regarding anti-Semitism, to promote values of mutual respect and equality, advocating tolerance, critical thinking and human rights.

For The Public:

Teens & Cyberbullying | According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 60 percent of all teens have reported experiencing some form of cyberbullying.

Factsheet – Preventing Bullying (pdf) | Although the scope and type of bullying can differ among communities, bullying affects everyone involved—those being bullied, those who are bullying, and bystanders.

Prevention of Youth Violence and Related Risk Behaviors (pdf) | Strategies for helping communities and states narrow in on prevention measures having the greatest opportunity to prevent bullying violence and its adverse impacts.

Bullying Prevention | Quick facts about bullying, with statistics and prevention strategies.

Community Bullying Prevention Resources | Well-researched resources to provide community leaders strong tools to address and take action to stop bullying.

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force | A nationwide network of more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies and prosecutors offices working to identify and prevent child abuse and exploitation involving the Internet.

Measuring Bullying: a Collection of Assessment Tools (pdf) | Helpful resources for researchers, specialists, and educators to measure bullying acts, victimization, victim experience, and bystander experience.

VetoViolence | Resources, tips, and information built to help your community reduce bullying violence and increase effective protection measures.

Assessing Prevention & Implementing Changes (pdf) | Information for state health departments and the public to help identify anti-bullying strategies and develop partnerships to prevent bullying in schools, health care, communities, and families.

More Anti-Bullying Resources:

Bullying Resource List – Harvard

American Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

CyberBullying Research Center

National Bullying Prevention Center

Teacher Vision – Bullying Resources

AssignmentBro – Anti-Bullying Resources for Students